Working with Studio Givat Ela was a real pleasure.
We originally wanted to create an image movie for our company, but then with all the material collected we ended up making two.
The second was not one we intended to make. All through the process, their entire team was super professional, creative, flexible, attentive and very pleasant.
Both movies were produced at a high level and we are very pleased with their work.

Noit Levy
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
Tower Semiconductor

Dear Sharon,

Thank you and your talented and creative team for your great work in producing the Ariel marketing video. As a worldwide expert in laser measurement devices, it’s always a challenge to present our technical products in a creative & exciting way. Your team worked closely with our Marketing team and came up with a brilliant idea, presenting the product with a fresh approach. As we trusted you, we went along with your innovative ideas and the production process went smoothly. I want to compliment your team on their patience and collaboration with us, making sure we were all satisfied.

The result is a great promotional video that everybody liked and we got so many compliments on the creative, high-standard video. Our colleagues and management used terms like: "Awesome”, "Cool", "Very creative", "Refreshing, informative and hits on the key features”, "Looks great, very well done", and "Awesome! What a great way to differentiate and cut through the tech clutter. Well done!”

So Sharon, I can’t thank you and the team enough. I’m already looking forward to our next project together.

Very best regards,

Ruthy Golan
Photonics Products Marcom Manager
Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd.

Dear Sharon, Merav and the whole StudioGE team,


The company video was a major project for BioBee Sde Eliyahu and I believe that your patience, attention to detail, professionalism, guidance and suggestions were the reason for the resounding success.

You listened to our needs, provided solutions, captured the spirit of BioBee, and did not give up until we were satisfied.

While the project’s logistics were complicated and the subject multi-faceted, your responsiveness and positive attitude, no matter what the obstacle, made the whole process pleasant and the result stunning!

Working with you has been fantastic and an absolute pleasure.

We look forward to working with you on our next project.

Sandra Langer
Marcom Manager
BioBee Ltd.

We recently completed a long and deep process of rebranding our company‭, ‬to support our expansion into new products and markets‭,‬‭ ‬including a new company logo‭, ‬website‭, ‬brochures‭, ‬catalog and other materials‭.‬

Beyond delivering very high-quality work‭,  ‬Studio Givat Ela is unique in that they don’t take anything for granted‭. ‬Whenever it wasn’t clear why we made one decision rather than another‭, ‬and whenever they thought something could perhaps be even better‭ - ‬they asked‭, ‬suggested‭, ‬explained‭, ‬supported and ultimately provided solutions that fit exactly what we wanted‭. ‬As a result‭, ‬we found ourselves answering questions we had not asked ourselves before‭, ‬questions that at some point would have come from new customers as well‭. ‬With Studio Givat Ela we found ourselves better prepared and sharper‭.‬

On top of all this‭, ‬is the speed of response‭, ‬the pleasant and calm day-to-day communication and the feeling you’re the only customer they are dealing with‭, ‬even though we know that the Studio’s schedule was packed with other projects‭.‬

We got a lot more than we asked for‭ - ‬and the results in the market were not slow to follow‭!‬

Thanks for everything‭,‬

Amir Cahaner
VP of Marketing & Sales
SDA Natural

Sharon, Merav and the rest of the team,


All of us here at Nextec want to thank you for producing a professional image film; it’s simply stunning!

Thank you all for your teamwork, agility, patience and professionalism throughout the process. Thank you for working through the process with us, for your guidance and for understanding the needs and subtleties of the materials that needed to be conveyed visually. You did it all in the best way, the most professional, the quickest, and with the best attitude, which certainly is not taken for granted!

You’re a true team and we were happy to work with you, as always. Wishing you and us many other joint projects and fruitful work in the coming year.

Thanks for everything,

Dmitry Surov
Marketing and Sales Director
Nextec Technologies Ltd.

Dear Merav and Sharon,

The presentation was very successful and, as a result, several customers followed up, requesting more details. In particular, the visuals stood out for high quality and helped us to convey a very professional message.

Thank you again for your professional work, quick response, and failure to compromise until the last minute and more, all with a smile!

We look forward to working together for future events.

Ami Herman
VP of Sales and Marketing

Dear Merav and Sharon,
I want to thank you very much for the new image brochure of Rambam Health Care Campus, which has won high praise. This booklet reflects the values of Rambam and the tremendous human resources driving the wheels of Rambam Health Care Campus Medical Center. It will serve us in the coming years as a public relations and marketing tool in Israel and around the world, in meetings with colleagues, donors and friends.

Creating this booklet involved us going through a far from simple process together; and I was glad to discover that you are gifted with great professionalism, creativity and attention to detail(!), and that you keep to time schedules. And, perhaps most important of all, are your excellent personal relations, which made working together more pleasant and enjoyable and also brought us to the best possible final outcome.

Wishing us all the best of luck as we continue...

Oded Mayer
Director, Marketing Department
Rambam Health Care Campus

"I've been working with Studio Givat Elah for many years, and I have always been completely happy with their work. They are total professionals, and a pleasure to work with. Their work is consistently fresh, current, creative and brilliant.

The service they give their clients is exceptional, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to keep their clients happy, including working round the clock to complete last minute urgent projects.
I wouldn't dream of working with any other studio"

Tammy Weisman Maman
Marketing and Marcom Manager
Endymed Medical Ltd.

"When EndyMed Medical decided to tighten our branding, we interviewed a number of graphic studios and chose Studio Givat Elah. I am happy to say that this was a particularly good decision. StudioGE has been the perfect combination of what one looks for in a graphic studio – creative, responsive, persistent until the correct solution is found, timely, and, very importantly, able to carry the new branding look and feel effectively throughout all the collateral, exhibition and web-based marketing initiatives. They are a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend them."

Ann Berzak
(former) VP of Marketing
EndyMed Medical Ltd.

"The first test of the new materials was when they were distributed by email to potential customers, and indeed positive reactions were not slow to arrive. At the exhibition in Paris, it became even more evident when people were quick to grab the new brochures.”

"There is no doubt that without the professional knowledge, help and assistance of Merav and Sharon, we would not have been able to meet our branding goals within the short timeline. We are currently working on expanding the product line and will be working with StudioGE to prepare new brochures for additional products and to re-do our website.”

Boaz Weiss
VP of Marketing & Business Development
Imco Industries Ltd.

"I received a great feedback regarding the booth design and I'm happy that the product manager appreciates the work. Here's what he wrote: "Thanks for the great job you did during the preparation for the IPFA. We had the most successful design of the booth. which brought a lot of attention from our current and potential customers."

Iris Hirsch
Marketing Communications Specialist
Camtek Ltd.

Dear Merav and Sharon,
Thanks for all your efforts, patience and understanding. It was a great pleasure working with you and I am sure that the catalogues will be an instant hit.
I wanted to call you (again) and thank you (again) for the wonderfull work you did. We received all the catalogues and everyone loves them.
You did a great job… As a matter of fact, we all did.

Aviva Katz
(former) International Marketing & Sales Division
Tadiran Appliances Ltd.

To Sharon and Merav at Studio Givat-Elah,
"Thank you, thank you both for the two great projects you just completed for us, which helped us achieve great success – especially the big campaign. It is a pleasure working with you, and I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate the high level of creativity and quality and your total professionalism throughout – not to mention the 'on time' delivery which is always a critical factor. Looking forward to many more projects together."

Sigal Eyal
Human Resources Director
Marvell Israel Ltd.

"Studio Givat Ela has been our lead designer for marketing communications in the past two years. Merav and Sharon were active partners in creating our brand and presence in the consumer electronics and gaming markets. Their unique creative talent, dedication, work ethic and attitude make them a couple we just love to work with.”

Tomer Barel
(former) VP Business Development and Marketing
3DV Systems Ltd.

"Thank you so much for your creativity, dedication, professionalism, understanding our needs and most importantly, your partnership, in preparing the corporate design process of the Helen Doron Educational Group and our new product, Dada-Vinci. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to soon begin another project with you."

Nicole Fleischer
(former) Marketing Manager
Helen Doron Educational Group

"Studio Givat Elah, with whom I’ve been working for several years, is unique in being creative, professional and delivering in a timely manner. They execute brilliant graphic design work. Their ability to create something that you have never thought about, which exactly fits your needs is truly amazing. Their knowledge, creativity, support and high quality of work with painstaking attention to even the smallest details make the results exceptional in a very competitive market. With this studio you are in very good hands.”

Shay Goldstein, MD.
(former) VP Marketing & Sales
Apos Medical and Sport Technologies Ltd.

"We have been working with Studio Givat-Elah for more than seven years. Throughout all this time we received excellent service that included unique graphic design and creative, original thinking. Merav and Sharon study the client’s needs and are attuned to their wishes. They give personal attention, quick results and they are available 24/7. We really enjoy working with them, and to being astonished each time anew by their ideas, the process and the final result.”

Galit Barnea
Marcom Manager
Cabiran Industries Ltd.

"I started working with Studio Givat Elah about 8 years ago at StoreAge (today LSI), and presently continue working with them at Metalink. Studio Givat Elah has always provided us with the most professional and reliable graphic design and production services. Sharon and Merav are highly responsive and pay close attention to the details of each project as well as to its creative aspects. They ensure that all projects receive equal attention and are always delivered on time, reflecting top quality.”

Mor Abraham
(former) Marketing Communications Manager
Metalink Ltd.

”I approached Studio Givat-Elah in a stage of crisis with a client, who had requested that we create a new image and branding for their company. We needed to design and produce the entire amount of marketing collateral (23 data sheets and brochures as well as a folder) in two months. Sharon and Merav from Studio Givat-Elah accepted this challenge in the most professional and creative way, down to the smallest details, in a very pleasant atmosphere and high level of service & support, to the ultimate satisfaction of both the client and myself.”

Aviva Haleva
Owner, A-GMC
Aviva Global MarCom

”During my years of work as spokesperson for the Emek Yizrael Regional Council, Assistant to the Mayor and Head of the Cultural Division – I undertook many projects using the services of Studio Givat Elah. Throughout all of this time, I enjoyed their extraordinary professionalism that incorporated mutual brainstorming in the realm of creative ideas, superb graphic design, and the preparation of a wide diversity of materials for the Regional Council, such as announcements, various booklets, flyers and much more …” “In particular, I would like to comment that the team at Studio Givat Elah comprises not just excellent graphic artists, but people who are thoughtful and trustworthy. They offer a true partnership both in thought and execution, and have the ability to perfectly guide each project from the most initial stages to a polished end product – always in a pleasant atmosphere, with openness and a rare ability to listen, and above all to always deliver on time (even in cases when the deadline has been virtually ‘mission impossible’).”

Ela Eilat
Spokesperson, Assistant to the Mayor and Head of the Cultural Division
Emek Yizrael Regional Council

”I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the professional and beautiful job you did in preparing our materials for the exhibition. Your high-level capabilities were evident in how you designed the brochures and catalogs creatively while maintaining the existing visual line, all within almost impossible timelines. Merav, I want to thank you personally for your great patience, precision, and attention to every detail, big and small. Throughout the project you showed great flexibility and diligence, and worked around the clock to successfully meet the schedule. Thank you, Sharon, for your great efforts in the face of tight deadlines, your coordination between the various printing houses, and excellent technical production. I am convinced that with the new catalogs we will be able to better market our company’s products and promote sales.”

Shlomo Ravach
Product Manager
Holis Industries Ltd.

Sharon and Merav, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for the wonderful, hard, honest and professional job you have done. I know how hard you work in inconvenient hours. Further thanks for your professionalism, patience, kindness and just being so nice. We’ll meet again for our upcoming projects!

Ronen Ben-Chavo
Hippo Industries & Marketing

”Sharon of Studio Givat Elah is a true professional. What's more, creative directors of his caliber are rare. To work with Sharon means you can rest assured the job will be flawless, the service second to none and the delivery – spot on time. Working with Sharon is knowing that no matter how big, small or complex the job – the attention to detail is immaculate with no compromises on creativity. I don’t know any other studio in the country that designs and delivers like Studio Givat Elah!”

Debbie Meltzer
Marketing and Brand Development Consultant
Impact Corporate Communications

”I have been working with Studio Givat Elah since 2002 for various projects. Merav and Sharon are superb professionals with the highest service level I've ever seen in this country. They are intelligent, quick-witted and super-human when it comes to graphic design projects. I found them available 24/7 for any call and they never missed an opportunity to help and assist. I enjoy working with this studio and I highly recommend Studio Givat Elah for your next graphic design project.”

Boaz Weiss
(former) VP Marketing & Sales
Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd.

”Studio Givat-Elah has always given me efficient, quick and precise service to my full satisfaction. Merav – a charming person and very good graphic artist, who in addition to providing excellent design work, helps with creative ideas and solutions. Sharon – trustworthy, efficient and very responsible. Every project is backed up by a well organized and detailed price proposal which the end product matches flawlessly. Studio Givat-Elah has always bent over backwards to meet my demands, even when faced with impossible timetables and work during leisure hours. The main thing – they are always ON TIME!”

”A pleasure to work with them.”

Talya Hanan
Vital Eco-Wear